Art at The Refinery St Andrew Square

Part of the DNA of our wonderful brand is the design, from the main bar areas right down to the little touches, and the main force behind that are the gorgeous people at Fusion design.

We’re delighted that Sam, an associate at Fusion who we work with very closely, is going to write a piece for our blog next year on the design from the perspective of the pros. On the subject of interiors though, we’ve got to give a special mention now to this incredibly talented photographer, Simon Isaac, whose work we have on proud display in The Refinery St Andrew Square.

Born in Essex, Simon has a slight addiction to derelict places. His current exhibition, “Into the Light, An exploration over 30 years”, was photographed predominantly on location in Chernobyl, Paris, Berlin and Pripyat (Ukraine). It portrays visions of an apocalyptic future created by man’s’ own hand, capturing the abandonment and life after disaster whilst highlighting the power of nature to adapt and survive in extreme circumstances when man is removed from the equation.

Speaking of the installation, Simon comments: “As well as their incredible success in hospitality, Drake & Morgan are known for their stunning venues. The Refinery is an incredible architectural and design achievement and has created the perfect setting for my work. Like The Refinery, I hope Into the Light will create conversation, reflection and pleasure.”

Find out more about Simon’s work at:


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