Fries Before Guys!

Get the gals together people and get down to D&M for complimentary chips when you buy two glasses of Champagne Sarcey, Brut NV! Yes, we’re serious – it’s time to organise that pals night out that you had to stave away from whilst you were doing Dry January / Diet January / generally saving the dolla, or any of those boring things!

If you’re just you and a bff, partner, or colleague then go for the two glasses and the chips are on us – or if you’re in a bigger group, or fancy more than a poncey glass (we certainly won’t judge) – order a bottle and the trio of fries are on the house! Yep, that’s our fabulous cajun, Louisiana and cowboy fries all in one.

Oh and you might be wondering where the idea came from? It’s not just the catchy slogan – (though don’t you love that too?) – but according to some of the finest Champagne makers themselves, chips are supposed to be the best food accompaniment to Champagne – well there you go! If you weren’t sold before, you should be now, and plus you’ve got a fun fact to show off your Champagne knowledge to boot….

Get in quick, pick your location and  book your table now as it’s only available for February, and we all know how quickly that poor neglected month goes!

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