Have you stepped into spring?

It seems that, at long last, the weather is going to be on our side next week! With temperatures predicted to reach over 20 degrees, and our new spring / summer menus now well into play, we have faith that we can finally start to make the most of the longer days, our gorgeous terraces and our lighter drinks and dishes.

The drink

Our botanical blends menu is full of the exciting, the unusual and the seasonal, and it’s ready for you to indulge in. If you want something light and refreshing, surely it’s got to be a spritz that you go for? Stick with the classic favourite Aperol spritz or go for our personal fav the garden spritz (Tanqueray gin, coriander, raspberry, black pepper, lemon, agave and soda).

For something a bit different, we recommend no stone left unturned featuring linseed, lavender and soy milk – it’s full of all things goodness to negate any guilt about drinking cocktails!

Of course on the rare occasion that the sun’s out, we like to be outside whenever we can (or for as many breaks as we can possibly sneak ourselves from work). On these such days mid-week, why not go for one of our absolute proofs – absolutely delicious, absolutely no alcohol. Many of them are so skinny they’re under 50 cals. Win win. Our personal fav has got to be the market fizz – made of pomegranate, lemon, rose water and za’atar, it’s an absolute treat.

Vegan and gluten free flatbread with avocado hummus

The food

For those glorious days of sunshine, long may they last, sometimes you just want something snacky, or a light, zesty salad. Look no further – our mezze board or one of our flatbreads are perfect for grazing on over a glass of rosé, whilst our new salads, created especially for us by celebrated chef and restaurateur, Peter Gordon, make the perfect lunch or sharing accompaniment to dinner.

Share (or don’t, no judgement here) some bar snacks such as our famous chorizo Scotch egg or our new favourite, the avocado hummus with toasted flatbread, dukkah and pomegranate. There’s so many delights to choose from, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

The terraces

We love our terraces all year round with igloos and various activities popping up all the time, but of course, summer is never going to be beat in terms of alfresco spaces. From our screens popping up for Wimbledon to bespoke pop up takeovers (watch this space), there’s always excitements to look out for but sometimes, it’s nice to just sit outside and soak up the glory of London in the sun. And next week we’re really going to be able to indulge in that!

From the year-round deckchairs at The Refinery Bankside – there’s nothing quite like sinking into a deckchair and not getting up for hours – to the choice of not one but two terraces at Devonshire Terrace, there’s a terrace for you all! And if you’re up North, don’t forget our Refinery sisters in Edinburgh and Manchester, both have gorgeous terraces ready and waiting.

On the subject of being outside, the London Marathon returns next weekend and it goes right past 3 of our bars, all of which have gorgeous, sprawling terraces. Our tip? Get in quick and book yourself a spot outside to recline and watch those friends and families of yours running that spectacular 26 mile race.

The Parlour, The Pagination and The Sipping Room will all be there with open arms and most importantly some gorgeous drinks to satiate your thirst (it’s thirsty work watching others face a serious physical and mental challenge like the marathon, trust us, we’ve been watching and doing nothing for years!)

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