Trending tastes

What’s trending you say? It’s all things colourful, fermented and environmentally friendly this year – continuing trends over the last few years with a few new excitements in there to add a bit of je-ne-c’est-quoi. 

Colour and nostalgia

We’re looking for bright colours, bold flavours (Instagram friendly, obvi) and something that will take us back to our roots a bit whether it’s with comfort food to give us respite from our stressful lives, or over indulgence to take us back to our childhood days and the ‘naughty’ feeling.

When it comes to colour there’s a clear winner – our beetroot latte of course. Adding a kick of health and a shot of colour to the frothy, foamy delightfulness that is a latte – what more could you want? Comfort food is something we really believe in from our customers longstanding favourite fish finger sandwich to our fish pie that’ll warm up even the cockles in even the hardest of hearts – particularly with a giant prawn poking out of the mash.

If you’re looking for a bit of naughty indulgence, our sweet sips have got to be the answer. From our chocolate brownie martini to the raspberry ripple cocktail made using whisky, Drambuie, cream, honey, milk and raspberries – you won’t be disappointed.


Who would have thought 5 years ago that sauerkraut would ever see its day as the pinnacle of trendy food – well, the time has come for pickles and all things fermented to take their place on the stage. With kombucha heading the trend – try our Wild Fizz ginger and black pepper, or one of our three ‘wine’ alternatives from REAL Kombucha – and kefir and all things homemade fermenting following close behind, the world is championing the gut and giving it the love it deserves after all this time. We’re backing it to the hilt, and when you can add a shot of tequila to your booch on a Friday afternoon, we think you should too.


Plant-based diets have been on the rise for years now, but they’re bigger than ever before – particularly given the new data on climate change and belief that the biggest difference an individual can make is by having a plant-based diet.

Well, we’re all for saving the world, and we’ve got a wonderful selection of dishes for those among you following the vegan and veggie trend, whatever the reason may be. From our vegan BBQ jackfruit burger with ginger and tamarind ketchup to our selection of hearty pies or our warming Jerusalem artichoke with puy lentils, zhoung and spiced prune we’ve got more than 10 vegan/veggie starters and mains. With our seasonal menu change coming at the start of April there’ll be fresh excitements for you to look forward to then as well.


With the rise of small plates and a sharing culture, it’s hardly surprising that snacking habits have increased (and upgraded, might we say) – it’s no longer just a packet of crisps in the afternoon, but bite-sized fresh treats of olives, meat and cheese through to ‘healthier’ grazing snacks such as puffed rice or baked crisps, even insects are popping up on the menu for a burst of protein!

We love snacks, just as much as the next person, so you’ll find a host of bar snacks on our drinks menu for you to graze from such as halloumi fries, avocado hummus and tempura sweet potato skins.

If you’re looking for classic nibbles of course there’s everyone’s favourite Nocellara olives, smoked almonds and padron peppers. Otherwise why not order a flatbread to share with your friends – or even one of our bar platters with a selection of all our best bits in miniature. The bar is your oyster.


Whether it’s due to the same eco reasons as above, dietary requirements or lifestyle choices ‘alternative’ food and drinks are also on a steady rise. From dairy-free milks to gluten free bread and non-alcoholic drinks, there are new alternative foods being discovered left, right and centre!

For those of you looking for this, we’ve got gluten free covered with several of our burgers being available gluten free as well as all of our flatbreads being available gluten free. Opt for soy or almond milk with your flat white. Look carefully and you’ll find a coconut almond latte on our menu that’s definitely worth a try. And you can even have a gluten free afternoon tea…

Of course you all know we pride ourselves on our zero proof cocktails, but for more of a ‘like for like’ replacement, we’ve got alcohol-free beer and of course Seedlip so you can create an S&T instead of a G&T if you’re craving the strong stuff.


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