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  • Summer in Manchester

    We’re well into summer now and as our first summer open, we’re enjoying it more than ever! As we’re new to the neighbourhood, we thought we’d round up the best of what's on this month in Manchester.

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  • Have you stepped into spring?

    It seems that, at long last, the weather is going to be on our side next week! With temperatures predicted to reach over 20 degrees, and our new spring / summer menus now well into play, we have faith...

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  • Drink. Dine. Discover

    Christmas means a multitude of excitements and festivities, and with that, therefore, comes a whole host of themed activities across the capital. We’ve cherry-picked a few of our fav bits and Christma...

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  • A winter of wonders

    It's getting to the 'goodbye autumn, hello winter' stage and with what we've got going on we can't pretend we're not excited. Fondues, igloos, winter warmers, you name it.

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  • Top 5 things to do in Shoreditch

    As The Allegory is our first venture into Shoreditch, we’ve rounded up our top 5 places to go in our surrounding area, and this was no mean feat as there’s so much going on!

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  • Social Saturday

    For Social Saturday we're showcasing Belu's blog about all the wonderful things people / companies and you can do to make an impact. Check it out here #SocialSaturday2017

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  • New menu alert

    get the diary out and book yourselves in while there’s still room at the inn

    Get the gals together, our new menus are here!

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