EC3 Festival Summer Party

31st August 2018 -

We’re bringing you EC3 Festival –  our ultimate festival-themed summer celebration, inspired by the famous Tomorrowland and Boom Town festivals.  So Put on your dancing shoes and join us on this exciting voyage of discovery on the 31st of August from 5:30pm.

Let your hair down and unleash your creativity at EC3 Festival on the 31st of August! Where we will be embracing the true essence of summer, dance and creativity. Think glitter face painting, interactive competitions to win refreshing boozy goodness, DJ set and festival food at our own in-house burger shack. In other words, get ready for an evening full of inventive ideas and creations.

Book a space now and receive a complimentary welcome cocktail and nibbles!

Escape the everyday with The Folly  – the world of unity, creativity and freedom.

Book now! Contact The Folly on or 0845 468 01 02.

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