Drake & Morgan partners with EARNT in Manchester!

We are so pleased to be partnering with EARNT again! This time bringing their brilliant purposeful concept to Manchester. Volunteers from a range of professions are being called on to donate their time to mentor young carers from StateTalking on 3rd July at The Anthologist Manchester.

Our very own mentors will host an informative session on what it's like to run a successful hospitality business such as Drake & Morgan. Volunteers from other professions will also have the opportunity to share their career advice & inspire young talents. Volunteers will be thanked with an exclusive Drake & Morgan X Taste Film immersive cinema-dining event. Tickets usually sell out within a few hours of going live, so it's a truly special experience!

EARNT is an organization that incentivises goodwill in exchange for exclusive experiences and products. EARNT aims to redefine giving in the 21st century by advocating kindness as both a virtue and a valued currency.

The EARNT system, launched in 2021, works with brands to encourage customers to give their time to good causes to access exclusive events, products, and experiences, creating a community of change-makers who are motivated to make a difference.

If you'd like to participate in this brilliant cause and volunteer, please sign up via EARNT here: www.earnt.co.uk/drake-and-morgan. Event details coming soon.

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