Premium Mixology Class

Join us for our brand new premium mixology class at Drake & Morgan & discover the art of crafting extraordinary cocktails! Our expert mixologists will guide you through creating stunning drinks featuring flames, smoking bubbles, candy floss, & more. Whether you're planning a team-building event, a hen-do, a birthday celebration, or craving a unique experience, our mixology class is the perfect choice. Learn the secrets behind these delicious creations & impress your friends with your newfound skills. Get in touch with our team to shake things up!

Mixology classes are available for groups of 6 & above therefore our mixology class gift cards start at a minimum of 6.

Cocktails to select from:

Tiki Torch

Blend of rums, orange liqueur, lime juice, orgeat syrup, dask of angostura bitters, garnished with a flaming lime nest

The Bubble

California gin, Campari, tangerine puree, sugar, lemon, smoke bubble

Raspberry Cloud

Raspberry vodka, rhubarb puree, lime sugar, dash foamer, topped with candy floss & raspberry powder

Bee Rouge

Calvados, Lillet Rouge, Drambuie, dash of creole bitters, garnished with bees wax

Over the Rainbow

Pineapple infused vanilla Absolut, Manzana verde, Supasawa, sugar syrup, topped with Prosecco

The Purple Butterfly

Kumquat Liqueur, Butterfly Pea tea with glitters, top up with champagne & edible sugar Butterfly


Choose from

Mix 2 cocktails + an individual platter with a selection of nibbles = £54.95

Mix 3 cocktails + an individual platter with a selection of nibbles = £64.95


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The Purple Butterfly
The Bubble
Raspberry Cloud
Premium Mixo class

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