Drink good & do good

Why not drink good & do good with our special Bee Positive cocktail? This sweet, fruity martini features rhubarb, lemon, honey & orange bitters & the incredible Avallen Calvados. This unique apple brandy spirit donates 2% of all its profits to bee-saving organisations.

But that's not all – Avallen goes the extra mile by actively offsetting carbon emissions. Through the sequestration of apple trees, each bottle of Avallen removes an impressive 2.7kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So, every sip you take isn't just a treat for your senses; it's a step towards combating global climate change.

Join us in raising a glass to a brighter, greener future – one cocktail at a time. Cheers to making a positive impact, sip by sip!

Bee Positive Martini

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