September Surprises

By Drake & Morgan
On 28th July 2016

As much as we all want the summer months to last for ever (when the sun occasionally graces us with its presence anyway), winter’s not all bad! Well to make the most of the wintry months we’ve got some new and returning excitements appearing on our menus.

There’s no point pretending we don’t love the excuse of eating as much comfort food as possible, and the fact that it’s acceptable to have alcohol in hot drinks as well as cold…you can’t argue with that! Well from the 5-7th September our new menus and little touches will be getting into action so keep an eye out.

jaffa cake pudding at the refinery

On our food menus look for heartier, warming dishes from venison pie to braised beef shin with polenta. For those veggies out there, our butternut squash risotto is back and better than ever. It’s one of the desserts that surely has to top the list though – Jaffa Cake pudding anyone?

Even for those who don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, there’s something about hot chocolate that is irresistible to almost everyone – but just you wait until you have this one! Our ‘over the top hot chocolate’ doesn’t just feature lashings of whipped cream and marshmallows, but there’s hot chocolate sauce on top too!

© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd - 2016

There’s something distinctly wonderful about sitting down for afternoon tea – maybe it’s the patriotic factor, maybe it’s the face that it’s seen as quite a refined thing to do…or maybe it’s because it just tastes damn good! Well, from September you’ll be able to join us for afternoon tea at Drake & Morgan at King’s Cross and indulge in the likes of scrumptious sandwiches and perfect pastries such as our favourite blueberry tarts…something to look forward to, eh?

fish in a bag at drake & morgan

One section of Drake & Morgan that is getting a serious influx of new excitements is the cocktail menu. Our bar managers have hard at work to create some spectacular new creations that both look and taste B.E.A.utiful. We’ve got to keep an air of secrecy so we won’t give too much away, but there’ll be plenty of warming spices, smoky flavours and even popping candy!

seedlip served at drake & morgan

Last but certainly not least will be a serious delight to those of you tee-totallers out there – actually we love it too and we love a cocktail as much as the next person. Seedlip are the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits and they are deliciously aromatic and tasty. They can be paired with everything from standard mixers to teas, and keep an eye out for them in our zero-proof cocktails.

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