London Essence terrace

We have partnered with our friends at The London Essence Company to turn our alfresco terrace in a gorgeous floral haven. Snap a pic with & explore our Essence 'wall' to find out which of our specially created cocktails is right for you! Choose between: 

Pinotage Spritz

Iced South African Pinotage red wine, London Essence Indian tonic with thyme & sliced lemon.

Frozen Paloma

El Jimador tequila with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, London Essence Grapefruit & Rosemary tonic topped with a squeeze of lime & agave

Lychee & Basil Collins

Martin Miller gin, London Essence peach & jasmine soda with lychee syrup and lemon juice

We have also introduced our own private 'D&M bubbles' on the terrace overlooking the water. These are perfect if you're sticking to a social bubble but still want to head out for cocktails with your friends or would like a private space for the family. Our bubbles can accommodate up to 12 guests seated or 20 standing. For more information & to book, please get in touch with our lovely team by clicking here.

See you soon x
D&M bubbles
The Sipping Room
A floral oasis

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