Brand new Fresh Serve tonic!

We have a world exclusive happening at The Folly! We’re the only bar serving The London Essence Company’s Fresh Serve tonic water, stop by & try it out soon. You’ll get to choose between one of the below refreshing flavours & their innovative (not to mention beautiful & rose gold!) fount system infuses distilled botanicals directly into chilled tonic water at the point of service.

So your gin or vodka & tonic is guaranteed to be perfectly bubbly & cold every time plus have the fruity flavour of your choice. Choose between: 

Indian tonic – the classic, served with a lime twist

Elderflower – with a lemon twist

Grapefruit – served with fresh grapefruit for that extra citrus zing!

Cucumber – with fresh cucumber, to keep you refreshed

Rhubarb – with a lime twist; a sweet treat.

View the menu here. 

We’ll see you at The Folly x