On Trend - what we'll be eating in January

By Ellie Carter
On 25th November 2015

There are so many food trends that come and go, it’s often hard to keep up with them all especially in London. In the lead up to Christmas, let’s take a look at some of our favourite food trends that are starting to emerge.

  • Urban Foraging

For 95 % of our time on Earth, humans have sustained themselves by foraging, that is, by hunting and gathering food from their natural environment. Nowadays, foraging usually means walking that bit further to the big Tesco instead of the tiny Metro one. But, if you’re keen, there are still treats to be uncovered in London’s wild spaces. Forage London organise groups throughout the year, next one is Winter Salads on the 10th of December, book a spot here.


  • Smoked Salt

Use it alone or combine it with a variety of spices, smoked salt is a perfect addition to a dry meat rub. It’s used to enhance the flavours of the dish whilst giving it a bold smoky flavour. This is definitely something you need in your kitchen


  • Belgium Waffles

There’s nothing better on a cold wintery day then a stack of hot waffles topped with all sorts of deliciousness. In terms of toppings, pretty much anything goes and it’s up to you what you decide to put on it. Here’s a list of simple toppings that you can include that are all under 250 calories.


  • Persian cuisine

Food from Iran is going to be hugely popular this season with supermarkets already putting in orders for pomegranate syrup, dried limes and saffron. Persian food is all about small plates with big bold flavours. It’s so popular that someone has listed reasons as to why you’ll love it!. Dip your toe in and try The Happenstance’s Persian Lamb Flatbread with pulled lamb, sumac & minty yoghurt.

Duck_Flatbd copy

  • Plant-based meals

As a nation we are slowly weening ourselves off our meat obsession and starting to create plant-based dinners- It’s not as boring as it sounds, I promise! Using different flavours such as almond or coconut you can create an epic meal with just veggies, which is also perfect for all you dieters out there.  Why not give it a try with our Blackened Cauliflower at #DMKX

F-Cauliflower copy

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