Top Ten Tips to Digitally Detox

By Drake & Morgan
On 11th March 2016

It might not have occurred to many people as something we should be doing, but actually a digital detox could make a massive change to your life. Apart from anything else, the stats about how much technology runs our lives are terrifying. The average smartphone user checks their phone every 6½ minutes? Just think how much time that takes out of your day.

It was one of our mini resolutions for January, so now we’re going to give you some ideas, that are super easy to incorporate into your daily life, to help you give your brain a break from technology every now and again.


1. Scare yourself out of it

The number 1 way to want to detox is by realising just how much time you spend on your phone. The app ‘Moment’ tells you just that. You can even schedule time frames where you can’t use your phone and set daily usage limits!

3. Beauty sleep

Did you know that using your phone before bed nearly doubles your chances of sleeping badly? Try and put your phone away at least an hour before you go to bed, why not read a book instead? It will give your mind a proper rest and make sure you sleep well every night: win win situation.

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4. Give your nerves a rest

Hands up if you compulsively check your emails? Don’t we all. It can’t be good for our nerves. If you take 30 seconds to reply to an email you’re not going to get fired, let the emails come through naturally and you’re nerves will thank you for it.

5. The best kind of memory

We know how nice it is to have snaps of all the fun things we do to look back on and remember. But there’s no need to take photos of every single thing. You’ll find the more you are actually involved in the moment, the stronger the memories.


6. Multitasking madness

Without wanting to be too dramatic we’re convinced that more and more people must have ADHD these days. Our constant multitasking has resulted in us having an inability to focus on one thing the attention span of a goldfish. And there’s no denying that technology plays a big part in that. The next time you go out for dinner leave your phone behind. Easy and, unsurprisingly, rather nice!

7. ‘Celebrity is as celebrity does’

People are catching on to the need for a break from our digitally orientated lives. The Huffington Post documented the digital detox habits of 10 inspiring, successful people from Mary Berry to Benedict Cumberbatch. Check it out here.


8. Bad back anyone?

Here’s one for the large amount of time when you do actually need to use your screens. There is a 60% year-on-year increase in the 18-39 age bracket of back and neck pain injuries. Solution: every now and again put your laptop on a pile of books, or lower the height of your chair so that you’re looking up at your screen not down.

9. Go the extra mile

Try the 5:2 diet with technology. Or maybe the 6:1… Have one day of the week where all electronic items are switched off and put away for the whole day. You’ll be amazed how much more you get out of the world around you and how refreshed you feel at the end of it. Dominos anyone?


2. The boredom factor

The next time you catch yourself refreshing your Facebook newsfeed or scrolling down it aimlessly, stop! You clearly need a break from work so, instead of staring at a screen, go and get some fresh air, have a cup of tea with a co-worker, or just ponder the meaning of life…whatever you fancy.

10. Make a holiday out of it

You can go the whole hog and do a full on digital detox retreat! What better way to relax than by completely switching off, and we don’t just mean mentally… We like the look of’s retreats. Find out more here.


Use some of these little tips to give yourself a bit of a digital detox. Treat it as a test of your will power – let’s be honest, we all love a bit of a challenge.

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