New menus for Folklore Season

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Published: 17/08/2022

It's Folklore Season.

This autumn/winter we’re stepping into Folklore Season at Drake & Morgan bars & restaurants with a brand-new menu. Wander through an enchanted forest of spellbinding new cocktails, indulge in gourd-geous seasonal dishes & believe in the magic of Book Fairies as we scatter beautiful books across the city of London to celebrate the launch. Will you find one? If you do, snap a pic & share with us over on Instagram.

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Hello pumpkin!

Are you ready for unbe-leaf-able new drinks celebrating the legendary lore of these magical isles & shimmering with BIG main character energy? Pair this with moreish mushrooms, #squashgoals & a menu rooted in all those wholesome, hearty dishes that give you a lovely warm glow inside & you’re bound to fall in love with our A/W collection.

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Branch out into something new...

Prepare to be spellbound by the UK’s first adaptogenic Mushroom Espresso Martini. Created in collaboration with our friends at London Nootropics using their mental clarity-promoting mushroom coffee & only available at The Folly from 5th September for a limited time, you won’t want to miss out on this fun(gi) little treat…

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