Charity at D&M

Giving back

Our charity partners

At Drake & Morgan, we are proud to be partnered with the amazing charity Maggie’s, which supports people living with cancer across their 21 Centres in the UK & abroad. We’re very excited to have raised over £100k for this incredible charity in 2023 alone & we couldn’t have done it without your support!

Alongside Maggie’s, we’re really pleased to be partnered with the digital charity box Pennies who allow us to give our wonderful customers a way to join in the fundraising too.

A little more info

About Maggie's

Every year, over 300,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK, facing tough questions, exhausting treatment & difficult emotions. These challenges affect not only those with cancer, but their family and friends, too. Built in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals, Maggie’s Centres are places with professional staff on hand to offer support. With the kitchen table at the heart of each Centre, they are a place where people can sit and chat, or have some time out over a quiet cup of tea. This philosophy mirrors the thinking of our bars & restaurants & therefore we felt it’s a natural fit between us in addition to Maggie’s being a fantastic charity.

The digital charity box

Introducing Pennies!

Pennies is the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, designed to fit with our increasingly cashless lifestyles. You can give your small change a big purpose by donating a few pence to Maggie’s when paying by card at D&M – it’s as simple as a single press of a button to ‘top-up’ your bill & donate 50p. Every penny goes to charity: 90% goes to Maggie’s (registered charity no. SCO24414) & 10% goes to Pennies (registered charity no. 1122489) which really makes your digital pennies count!

How can you get involved?

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Stop by your favourite D&M for lunch or dinner & choose the delicious seasonal dish that is highlighted on the menu - from this dish 50p from every one of these sold goes straight to Maggie's!
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When you pay your bill on your next visit, select YES when using the card machine to donate 50p to Maggie's & Pennies
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Volunteer with Maggie's or Pennies when you can
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Join a running, walking or cycling fundraiser
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Our teams are regularly running bake sales & fundraising events across D&M - if you see one taking place, purchase a slice of cake or ask how you can take part in the next event
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If you'd like to make a one off donation, please visit the Maggie's website
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Run your own fundraising event in your local community
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Host a kitchen table day - a dinner party or coffee morning to raise money; Maggie's can provide a free fundraising pack!