The UK’s first adaptogenic Espresso Martini!

The Folly

Published: 24/08/2022

UK's first Mushroom Espresso Martini

We’ve partnered with our friends at London Nootropics (as seen on Dragon’s Den) to bring you the UK’s very first adaptogenic Espresso Martini made with mood-boosting mushroom coffee.

Available from the 5th September for a limited time only, branch out into something new & try our innovative new Mushroom Espresso Martini (£10.95). It harnesses the power of adaptogens – a group of herbs and mushrooms with health benefits – & mixes with the cocktail’s classic rich & creamy flavour (with no added taste of mushroom, & less sugar than your typical Espresso Martini), topped with an edible toadstool for added cute-ness.

Mushroom coffee blends are known to help with motivation, mental clarity & focus, & our creative team of mixologists have created a top-secret recipe using London Nootropics’ Flow Coffee – an adaptogenic blend containing premium natural ingredients such as lions mane mushroom & rhodiola rosea extracts. If you’re still not sure, have a read about the benefits of drinking adaptogens here.

Sound a little out there? We have a feeling this fun(gi) little treat may well grow on you…

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  • Created with London Nootropics & Ketel One vodka

  • UK's first Mushroom Espresso Martini