Meet the maker: Dutch Barn Vodka

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Published: 22/07/2023

Made from delicious apples

This spring/summer, we’re introducing something quite unique at D&M, a gorgeous cocktail Beneath Our Feet, made with Dutch Barn vodka, citrus & tea cordial, elderflower, egg white & soda.

Dutch Barn vodka is made from the water they source from the ground beneath their feet in North Yorkshire in the lovely Ellers Farm distillery near Stamford Bridge, & from British apples from their orchard.

Their vodka is made like no other vodka on planet Earth. The liquid is distilled from British apples and balanced with a touch of potato spirit, and tasted every 20 minutes throughout the process until it develops into a crisp, clean, and exceptionally smooth vodka at 40% ABV.

We believe the Dutch Barn’s commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable vodka aligns perfectly with our values to bring you the finest quality ingredients in our drinks.


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