Making the Most of Your Wedding in London

By Drake & Morgan
On 7th February 2017

Yay, you’re planning your wedding in London – this city has so much to offer and can honestly make some of the best wedding images out there.  I know Pinterest is full of rural idyllic images and that’s probably not you if you’re choosing a city wedding.  So how do you make the most of London for your wedding…

Well let’s start at the beginning and with your engagement as opting to have your engagement shoot in London gives you so much choice of great locations from parks and green space to iconic landmarks on the Southbank through to the stylish vibes of Shoreditch.  Your engagement images could be used in your save the dates to give your guests an insight into your love of London or you could opt for having something designed around London such as these London Underground inspired cards or this watercolour London skyline postcard.

So let’s get onto the wedding itself, many couples who choose to get married in London do so in one of the gorgeous Town Halls dotted around the city (one of our personal favourites is Islington Town Hall) and then transport their guests to their venue.  Now I’m not suggesting you all pile onto the tube (although this could make for some awesome wedding images) but an old school London bus is a great way to get your guests from A to B (especially if they are not local to London, you don’t want them getting lost!) and we’ve even known couples to opt for river transport along the Thames – sure beats an uber!

We always encourage our couples to take some time out of their reception to have some beautiful photographs taken of themselves as a married couple.  This doesn’t just give you great images of you both in your favourite city to look back on in years to come, but it also gives you some time together to take everything in.

The beauty of Drake and Morgan’s venues is not just that they are packed with urban style, but because they are in the heart of London they are literally surrounded by amazing backdrops for your couple images.  From the canal at the back of D&M at Kings Cross, to pretty streets around The Anthologist to funky gates and installations near The Refinery at Regents Place.

So when you’re thinking about your London wedding venue and which Drake and Morgan bar to choose to celebrate in, take some time to explore the surrounding area to see how much fun you can have with your wedding photography.


Amanda x

Amanda Karen Photography

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