New menu alert: get the diary out and book yourselves in while there’s still room at the inn

By Drake & Morgan
On 31st August 2017

Get the gals together, our new menus are here! Our favourite time of year is fast approaching again: the time to inject all our favourite seasonal flavours into our food & drink in time for Autumn.

Join us from Monday 4th September to try our magical new cocktails with the gals after work or tuck into feast at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Drink for days

You’ll find a heavenly selection of inspiring new sips including some gorgeously cosy winter warmers for when those nights start drawing in.

The flavours of Autumn will be trickling in with an abundance of blackberries, apples and plums alongside some warmer, richer spirits. If you love a margarita try our Mezcalita which swaps tequila for mezcal for that sweeter, smokier aroma.

Clutch a steaming mug of white or red mulled wine, some gorgeous bubbling buttered rum. Abstaining? Or got little’uns to think about? Our cosy concoction of milk, honey and spices has got to be the one. Oh, and there’s some gorgeous new fresh infusions too – our fav is Doctor Pepper (hot water infused with turmeric, lemon, honey & black pepper).

If you’re a wine connoisseur, or want to be (we’re pretty sure most people are just pretending) why not try out one of our wine flights? Choose between an easy drinking flight and a voyage of discovery of one of our recommended white or red wines and you’ve jazzed up your dinner before you’ve even started!

Eat for ever

We’re all about the cosy, seasonal comfort when it comes to food this year – think hearty beef and ale pie and the most homely, autumnal dish of all – blackberry and apple crumble.

Beets are one of the best veggies anyway, but particularly when they’re in season and guess what, now they are! We’re championing that earthy goodness with a gorgeous new heritage beetroot dish with whipped goat’s cheese & walnuts. There are some other serious veggie treats from the butternut squash flatbread to roast cauliflower fettuccini – and our burgers are getting a boost too!

Along with our delightfully indulgent desserts our Sweet Sips are another story – our fav has got to be the Hansel & Gretel-inspired Hag’s Cottage. Created by the wonderful Matteo from The Sipping Room it’s a fairy tale concoction of Ciroc vodka, Frangelico, almond milk reduction, lemon juice, Peychaud’s bitter & egg white. Yep, we’re drooling too….

It’s not just the menus, however, you’ll find a few other little surprises here and there so keep your eyes peeled! So the long and the short of it is, head on down to your favourite Drake & Morgan bar on Monday 4th September (with two exceptions: D&M at King’s Cross will launch its menus on Tuesday 5th and The Folly will launch its menus on Wednesday 6th) and let us treat and delight you.

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