Drink Trends 2017

By Drake & Morgan
On 13th January 2017

As we all know, trends are ever changing in all sectors of life, and drink and food are no different. We’ve put a few of the 2017 drink trends that we’re most excited about below – and next week we’ll follow up with our favourite food trends of 2017. Keep reading and you’ll find some trends are already on our menus, and you can expect to see more on our new spring menus coming in late March!

Tonic Tipples

Thanks to the recent gin craze, tonic has risen hugely in popularity. Now, however, people are looking to broaden their minds in the base department. Gin is no longer going to be the only partner for tonic. Before you know it there will be ‘R&T’s, ‘M&Ts’, T&T’s – you name it! Customers want simple long drinks that aren’t over complicated but are still changing things up – taking a classic and mixing it up, just like a cocktail really.

Key tonic combinations to look out for: vermouth and tonic and mescal and tonic.


With the arrival of the zero proof spirit – and boy does Seedlip taste good – and of course the ever present awareness of health, it was only time before mocktails came to the forefront of the drinks industry because, frankly, there are only so many lime and sodas one can drink. On top of that, unusual and innovative drinks are permanently sought after, alcoholic or not, so if you can get the excitement without the hangover, what’s not to love!

Key mocktails to look out for: Seedlip based mocktails. Oh and mocktail mixology classes are gonna be pretty big too.

English Sparkling wine

Chapel Down is replacing Bollinger as the official sponsor of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and Tattinger have revealed plans to start making high-end English sparkling wine in Kent. Surely those are good enough examples of the surge popularity of English sparkling wine. It’s not just the desire to drink local produce, however – English sparkling wines have triumphed over Champagne in several blind tastings by the most notable wine critics. This year is likely to be the tipping point, what with the critics’ approval and the inevitable rise in price of imported wines after Brexit, and we’re excited for it!

Key English sparkling wine to look out for: Chapel Down Brut in all our bars & restaurants.

Loose Leaf Teas

The trend of loose leaf tea follows the rise in popularity of craft coffee we saw last year – the primary reason? We want quality. Coffee and tea drinkers are more knowledgeable than ever before and are willing to pay that bit more for the proper stuff. There are other reasons of course, health, unique flavours, the rise in popularity of Oriental food and drink, and of course the growing love of herbal tea is bound to spike the love of loose leaf tea. So scrap teabags and go for the real deal. You’ll be pleased to know that all our herbal teas are loose leaf so you’re good to go!

Key loose leaf teas to look out for: Vegetable based teas, particularly those using seaweed.

Orange wine

Photo by PhotoAlto/REX (4299806a)

A more niche trend, for those with a taste for experimentation and an interest in expanding their wine knowledge – and of course the connoisseurs. Orange wines are ‘skin contact’ wines – white wines that are made like red wines – and are a delicious alternative to rosé if you’re looking for something new.

Key orange wines to look out for: orange wine paired with a charcuterie platter or Middle Eastern flavours.

And last but not least, our favourite trend of all is…the Golden Latte:

Turmeric was the spice of 2016 and hand-crafted coffee is now a global trend so it was only a matter of time before the turmeric latte appeared. Made with coconut, soy or almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and honey, it’s warming spice is perfect for the colder months. It tastes great and has detoxifying properties, is good for digestion and it improves memory, goodbye caffeine!

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