Get a Spring in your Step with our Summer Refresh

By Drake & Morgan
On 8th March 2016

‘Spring is a time of plans and projects’, so said Leo Tolstoy. Well our plans and projects for this spring all start with our seasonal refresh of our bars & restaurants, so put a spring in your step with our new, seasonal menus launching next month. Find citrusy salads with your dishes and swirls of strawberry and raspberry in your desserts to reap the benefits of spring’s bounty.


A hint of the Mediterranean in our menu is being enhanced with polenta from Italy and spicy Middle Eastern harissa making their mark. Graze on our mezze board while you sip a crisp glass of the palest rose. Featuring a concoction of hummus, baba ghanoush and harissa accompanied by a bulgur wheat salad and pickled chillies and olives, you’ll be able to indulge in a plethora of fragrant Middle Eastern flavours.


To enhance the menu’s summer buzz you’ll find a few light and zesty dishes including a chicken paillard with a shaved fennel, orange & herb salad that are assured to get your taste buds going.

Our cocktails are sticking to the seasons with an influx of floral flavours, and fresh herbs and spices. Ignite your senses with gin, raspberries and coriander in our Garden Collins or revitalise your palate with refreshing notes of cucumber, elderflower, apple and mint with our London Spritz.

With Shakespearean-inspired and fusion cocktails on the cards, and a brand new revamp in the Folly’s deli, our spring and summer update has a lot in store.


It’s not just cocktails that can inspire and excite your taste buds. Why not try swapping from the classic rosé to a chilled red wine, for something a bit different? The question is, if you were blindfolded could you tell the difference? We will have 3 of these summer serves on offer – a light Loire Valley Pinot Noir and two fruity Beaujolais’, all of which make for the perfect refreshing summer tipple.

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