Lean and clean but just as delicious

By Drake & Morgan
On 22nd March 2017

Word on the street is that March is the time people start to think about their bikini bodies. There are a multitude of possible reasons for this.

  1. The sun is (hopefully) starting to shine and summer therefore seems within touching distance
  2. The slight temperature rise makes exercise more appealing as we can now go for runs and do exercise in the great outdoors.
  3. The temperature and reduces the need for carb-heavy comfort food
  4. Most ‘bikini body plans’ tend to be 12 weeks which would conveniently take us to June, aka the start of summer holiday time.

Whether it’s one or many or something else altogether the general consensus is that it’s the time of year when it’s time to start thinking about getting into shape.

Well, a big part of getting your dream beach bod is exercise, but the equally important part is your diet. We’ve got some super drinks and dishes that mean you can both be good and still eat delicious food. Check out some of our top recommendations for getting the perfect balance of goodness and flavour.

Chargrilled Tuna Salad

One of our most popular dishes, this is much more exciting than your usual salad – the seared tuna steak adds some meatiness to the main course whilst the green papaya, cucumber and peanuts offer an Oriental twist and the lime dressing finishes it off with a gorgeously zesty freshness. It’s the perfect lunch time dish and is available at all our bars & restaurants.

Grilled Salmon

Packed full of protein our grilled salmon with a pecan crunch comes with a light zesty sauce and is simply divine, especially if you want a hot dish rather than a salad every now and again and of course as a meat free option. You’ll find it on all our menus with the exception of King’s Cross.


Smoothies are a great way to pack in your vitamins and these days it’s not just fruit that’s involved, we’ve got such a variety for you to choose between you’ll never get bored. For a blast of green goodness our ‘Green Power’ with kale, celery, cucumber, avocado and cloudy apple juice is a winner or if you like a bit of a kick our Radiant Roots with apple, carrot, ginger, celery and fennel is the one. We’ll be bringing in several new smoothies and juices at the end of the month so keep your eyes peeled for the likes of ‘Golden Mango’ and ‘L’Orange’.

Quinoa Bowl

The ever popular quinoa has remained in the limelight for good reason – it’s as filling and tasty as rice or pasta but it contains twice as much fibre, it’s wheat-free, it contains all the essential amino acids and best of all it’s actually a complete protein rather than a carb. Our quinoa salad with feta, tomato and toasted almonds will be appearing on the menus at the end of March, so make sure to come down and try it out! Another excitement for quinoa lovers, we’ll also have a breakfast quinoa bowl with spinach, avocado & poached egg on offer when our new menus arrive.

This is just a snippet of some of the delicious options – but there’s so much more to try that will make the road to that perfect beach bod positively enjoyable!

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