Liquid Love

By Drake & Morgan
On 3rd February 2017

We’re all about spreading the love this Valentine’s Day, but we don’t want it to stop there. Why indulge only for one day – February is called ‘the month of love’ for a reason! So, to celebrate, our mixologists have created a beautifully fruity cocktail, The Singapore Fling. To keep things interesting, however, we’ve picked 3 other cocktails that are also perfect Valentine’s tipples, all suitably ping or red.

So whether it’s ‘cute and coy’ with your date or ‘sassy and feisty’ and out with the girls, we’ve got the cocktail to match – and with such choice at your fingertips you’ll have to stay for ‘just another’ and try them all.

What is it? Singapore Fling

What’s in it? Brockman’s gin, Dom Benedictine, Lime Juice, Grenadine, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Juice and Blueberries.

Pink and delicate and fabulously fruity in taste, as refreshing as a summer love with a hint the floral of Brockman’s Gin, this is a loved up twist on the classic favourite the Singapore Sling. Priced at £7.

What is it? S’mores

What’s in it? Bacardi oro rum, marshmallow syrup, lime, amaretto & egg white.

Pale pink in colour with an enticing scent of marshmallow and almond, the S’mores is like your first love, irresistibly pretty and not as innocent as it looks. Priced at £8.95.

What is it? Seasonal Gimlet

What’s in it? Sipsmith gin, cherry & black pepper cordial

Those who are partial to passionate affairs will fall hard for the Seasonal Gimlet. Not for the faint of heart with its cherry red colour and a bit of a kick, it’s a dangerously tasty one. Priced at £9.95.

What is it? Calypso

What’s in it? Amaro di angostura, lime, sugar & egg white

Silky and smooth in texture, pinkie-purple in colour and with that gorgeous foam from the egg white. The Calypso is like that lover you never though you would fall in love with but with those chocolate flavours coming through we can guarantee you will be back for more. More than once. Priced at £8.95.

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