Pancake Day Preparations

By Drake & Morgan
On 5th February 2016

Arguably, the best thing about Pancake Day is the fact that we are legitimately allowed to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or is possible all three! Taking place the day before Lent begins, Shrove Tuesday was designed to use up all rich ingredients before the fast begins – what a bore! In true English style, eating rich ingredients, i.e. pancakes, on Shrove Tuesday has remained steadfast, whilst fasting seems to have disintegrated somewhat into some giving up something indulgent. I can assure you that you won’t hear us complaining about this.

Although Pancake Day isn’t accredited as a bank holiday, it’s still definitely worth celebrating in some form, whether it’s by trying a recipe at home, eating out, or watching one of the famous pancake races.


Pancake Races

The Great Spitalfields Pancake Race – Whether you want to take part or just watch, this renowned pancake race is always an entertaining event. At 12.30pm teams of four race, pan and pancake in hand, along Brick Lane while tossing their pancakes. Don’t forget to dress up and bring a frying pan. Prizes are awarded for best dressed, winners and runners up.

Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race – From 10am you can watch politicians, Lords and political correspondents sporting aprons and chef’s hats and making fools of themselves in an attempt to win the race. Even better, the race is all in support of Rehab, a charity that works to support disabled and other marginalized people. See the full brochure here.


parliamentary pancake race by Jonathan Pugh

Better Bankside Charity Pancake Day Race – Teams of local business workers will be joining together for this year’s pancake race in aid of Paintings in Hospitals – a charity that provides fine art for hospitals to liven up the patients’ surroundings. The event takes place at 12.30pm in Marlborough Sports Garden. Join us at The Refinery, Bankside before or after for your own fluffy, American-style stack of pancakes.

Pancakes a la Drake & Morgan

If, frankly, you can’t be bothered to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or if you’d just rather have them made for you to avoid the hassle, then head down to any of our bars and restaurants for a pancake session that will start or finish your Pancake Day in fluffy, blueberry-filled heaven.

You can enjoy our deliciously indulgent, American-style blueberry pancakes at any time of the day on Tuesday 9th for £7.95.


Make your own

Feeling inspired to make your own pancakes? There are a whole host of recipes out there from classic crepe pancakes to exciting and original recipes. Here are a couple to get you going

Classic Crepes

Serves 6:

250g plain flour

2 large eggs

500ml milk

Sunflower oil

Sift flower and salt into a bowl then add eggs. Pour in milk and whisk mixture into a smooth batter. If you have time rest for 30 minutes, otherwise start straight away. Heat a medium frying pan over a medium heat and wipe it with oiled kitchen paper. Cook pancakes for 1 minute on each side until golden. Keep them warm in an oven while you cook all the mixture. Serve with lemon and sugar, nutella or your favourite filling.


Gluten-Free American Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

Makes 4-5 pancakes

2 large bananas

1 large egg

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of baking powder



Mash bananas to become as smooth as possible. Beat in the egg with a fork to keep it smooth. Mix in cinnamon and baking powder. Heat a heavy pan with a small amount of butter. Ladle in small, pancake-sized puddles and top with blueberries. Cook until the top starts to bubble then flip over and cook for another minute. Serve with whatever takes your fancy – I particularly like the classic addition of a smidge of butter, bacon and a generous drizzle of maple syrup.


We always need something to cheer us up in these wintry months, so whatever form your Shrove Tuesday takes, make the most of it and ensure it is a day to celebrate.

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