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3 bits of advice for making the most of your day
On 18th October 2015

We call it “the 3pm lull”, that time in the afternoon when you crave sugar or a nap and stare longingly at the office door watching the seconds go by like minutes. At Drake & Morgan, we completely sympathise. And to help, here are a few of our favourite tips to help you beat the 3pm lull and make the most of your workday

1- Make two To-Do lists

The first list for all the long, painful projects and the second is for short, simple tasks. Try and complete everything on the first list in the morning when you’re more alert leaving the second list for later on in the day. The afternoon is usually when your motivation drops so doing something simple last boosts your motivation and you go home feeling better. Someone once explained this theory as a roast dinner: save the best parts for last. So brussel sprouts are first down the hatch, than come the roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. Here’s a few more to-do list tips here

2- Flavour for your ear.

Give your music playlist a shake up. It sounds random but try playing video game theme music in the background. It helps the brain focus on singular tasks, as it’s designed to be stimulating without breaking your concentration. The sound track to ‘SimCity’ is meant to be the best for focus. Listen here

3-Inside Out

Human beings are still animals and we all need fresh air & sunlight to be happy, healthy and relaxed. Numerous studies show that to be productive at work, changes to air flow, temperature and scenery are necessary stimulants to improve outputs and wellbeing. So stroll to a local park on your lunch or nip out for a coffee with your laptop and reenergise

These are just our favourites but we want to hear from you about what helps keep your productivity high? Tweet us your favourites using #DMproductivity


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