Working Freely

By Drake & Morgan
On 20th October 2016

It appears it’s not just the Drake & Morgan dream team that favour the system of working remotely. Surveys have found that many business leaders believe that more than half their company’s full-time workforce would be working remotely by 2020.


If your work is creative in any way at all how much more likely are you to be inspired by your work if you’re in beautiful surroundings than cooped up at a desk in a lifeless office?  With the rise of Google Docs, Dropbox and office chat app Slack, it’s becoming less necessary to work in an office – and what with the ever-increasing rent prices it’s also becoming less appealing.


For those who freelance, you don’t have to pay for a shared space or desk, just buy the odd cup of coffee which, let’s face it, you do anyway. Or if you usually work from home, isn’t it nice to get out of the house and have a change of scene. Bars & restaurants like ours provide a relaxed and comfortable environment, but with minimal distractions… except the beautiful décor.


For those of us in the D&M family not tied to one of our gorgeous sites, and therefore lucky enough to roam between them, this is something we like to think we’re becoming experts on. And as we spend our days roaming between our sites working from there we can vouch both for how productive it is, and of course how fabulous our bars are for it 😉

© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

Picture yourself in one of the low chairs draped in fur at The Happenstance, or surrounded by books in Aesop’s Table at The Fable. We find being in inspiring surroundings works an absolute treat for our creative minds.

With plug sockets in abundance around the sites, every kind of table set up you could wish for and an array of gorgeous salads and other light lunch options, what more could you want….


Our tips:

  • For a quite space to really get that work bashed out opt for a cosy table in the peaceful mezzanine floor at The Fable.
  • All our sites our gorgeous obviously, but the two Refinery Bars are perfect for a light, bright and beautiful places to work through the day.


  • With a varied all-day menu including hearty breakfasts and light lunches, you won’t be stuck for choice. Now that it’s getting wintry, however, we’ve got to recommend ‘The Full works’ hot chocolate – fully loaded with whipped cream, marshmallows & chocolate sauce.
  • Opt for an afternoon meeting at King’s Cross where you can tuck into their delicious Afternoon Tea offering.

© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd - 2016

For those who are office-based, you can still find an excuse to get away from the desk. Why not move your meetings from the board room to one of our private dining rooms, or if it’s just a catch up with a colleague come and have it on the sofa rather than in your common room. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


So pick your favourite spot, order a juice and maybe a spot of breakfast or lunch every now and again, plug in and you’re away!


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