How it all began

Drake & Morgan was founded in South London in 2008. We wanted to create a unique space where locals and visitors alike could enjoy thoughtful, inspired menus and innovative, crafted cocktails in the most welcoming environment. An escape from the everyday. It all started with The Refinery and since then we haven’t stopped growing, learning and creating.

Drake & Morgan

About Us

  • What's in the name?

    We share the same passion for adventure as our namesakes, Sir Francis Drake and Captain Henry Morgan and we’ll continue to blaze new trails in the years to come. We’ve got plans to plant a flag in ten new locations in the next five years across the capital and beyond.

  • Who are we?

    We encourage innovation and creativity in all that we do, so that we can continue to create authentic, beautiful and surprising escapes for our customers. Because every one of our bars & restaurants is unique. And ideas like that come from within.

  • An everyday escape

    In this world that won’t stop moving. In the beautiful chaos of city life. Sometimes you need a retreat from real world. That’s where you will find the essence of Drake & Morgan. All our bars & restaurants are individual, all unique, all offering lovingly crafted escapes that are simply about the detail. And we will always stay true to that experience, creating something that leaves you feeling enchanted, indulged and inspired.

We pride ourselves on beautifully presented food using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, a diverse wine list & creating spaces to encourage you to escape the everyday "

Where next?

2017 has been and continues to be a very exciting year - with the opening of The Allegory and The Listing in the Autumn, we're looking forward to what 2018 has to offer!

Find out about Drake & Morgan's London bars and restaurants and how we strive to create an everyday escape, every time.